Glory Under the Sun
Amber Robbins

Behind blue eyes in the pale morning dew
The infernal sights of mind fills my heart
Cold and broken I lay mangled, in filth and hollow
Like the blue oceans cold winter

I feel inferior to my classmates lives
I feel lost in the artic that is my chest
I cannot comprehend the lives of thine teenagers
and my soul sits staring pondering humanities ways

I am not equal in your eyes
The way I love, the way I feel is jaded
The rainbow, my mind pulls my closet juxposition out
and everyone can see beneath my skin

I am angered from deep inside
I feel like crying out my fears
To live a lie is not destined
But predescribed in my description
In my fortune, I lay buried
Like silver and sorrow

I sing to get away, though my days hazy
I scream TORMENT, enough! I wanna love again
I yell.... AM I LESS OF A WOMAN?

I scream, I AM THE SAME
Behind these eyes, buried is my soul
I'm crying, withering, wanting no more shame
Wanting no more pain, I just want to live

Marry, have a family, If it is wrong
Than god strike me down, I cannot make everyone
happy and myself to
Just wanna live my life and cease
Till the rainbow shows through

Pain, I'm crying won't you leave me alone?
I'm hell bent, set in my ways
I'm through hiding myself

Haven't you seen my face?
Looked behind my masquerade
The sweat band on my arm
The necklace beneath my chin

Don't I stand for something?
Can't I be the same?
Spare the horrid names
For this I can do without

My pride is ill tempered
The looks on my face say it all
But it's hard being me, take a trip in my shoes
I'm done with the verbal harassment
My mind, a numb wasteland of images set a fire

My life is set in stone determined at birth
The consequences of my actions
To hell I will stroll, but I'm not afraid
Look into my eyes, take a deep breath
Take my hand and see what I see

Sit in the corner of my mind and wither
Await my trial, my fate, I have nothing
more to say than I wish and I wish nothing
more than my rights, my dignity.. please
Leave and spare the shame, I'm not to blame
For what I feel so many others sin
on this earth... why is mine a big deal?

So do you feel me right now?
With my head down I walk
Never to be torn down again
Maybe, just maybe I'm meant to swim against the current

From behind my dark clouded eyes
and beneath the rainbows bracing my body
I'm a kid who loves, feels, and bleeds just as you
Maybe someday you will see, maybe not
But I'm waiting, just as Whitman did
I'm standing here for those to return to my side
Stop the hate, stop the fear
Just let me live, feel my glory under the sun

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