My Love

It is very easy to say, ”I love you“,
But you must know I mean it too.
You always brighten up my every day,
My life has changed in a very positive way.
I long to be with you in every possible way,
Distance seems to separate us each and every day.
I want to share my life and give you all my love,
For now, it comes to you on the wings of a dove.
I hope that some day you will be my wife,
I live for you; you're the dream of my life.
You bring me laughter and many tears of joy,
I feel like a child with a very brand new toy.
My love for you grows each and everyday,
Please, ”be my partner?“ for this I pray.
Our paths have crossed and we´re meant to be,
I only want you to be happy, come be with me.
I promise you my heart and my love forever more,
I want to fill your life with love, more than ever before.

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