Jackie Roth

I have no name; it´s all the same,
No I´ m not playin´ your fuckin´ game.
I´ ve tried to change to fit your expectations.
I was never good enough for you, and you, always walked around on me.
On my face, you left footprints of disgrace!
You tore my heart apart, and left me there broken, unspoken, not breathing, not seeing, cold, afraid, and alone.
Your heart´ s cold as stone, I see you true side showing.
You´ re shallow, hollow, nieve, ignorant, self absorbed, and stupid.
You have no real place in my life, and you are the cause of all my strife.
Broken promises, broken dreams, broken heart, broken means for living, from you, because of you.
Why can´ t you just die away?
While I cry away my life.
I can´ t face the sadistic reality, that´ s killing me.
My life is full of lies, like the thousands of flies feeding on my decaying soul.
You don´ t do what you´ re supposed to, and then wonder why we´ re not closer.
Yet, I´ m still left here, with my body raw, no soul at all;
Broken, worn, weathered, torn.
My heart´ s ripped out and shredded.
Pain and strain are left imbedded in me,
Where my heart should be.
Where my soul should be.
Never again will I feel happy.
I sit here and cry, and wonder why.
I just wish that I could fly away from here,
From this nightmare, this fear.
I just cried my last tear; I can finally leave here, in death.
I just breathed my last breath,
I´ m dying, and I hope you´ re crying as you see me dying!
Slowly slipping away, knowing that you could´ ve prevented this day!

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