Gay and Lesbian Hawaii


Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States on August 21, 1959.
It is situated in the North Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii is the southernmost state of the United States, and would be the
westernmost, if not for Alaska. It is one of the only two states that are
outside the contiguous United States, and do not share a border
with another U.S. state.

The Hawaiian Archipelago comprises eighteen islands and atolls
extending across a distance of 1,500 miles. All of the Hawaiian Islands
were formed by volcanoes arising from the sea floor.

Hurricanes are a rare occurrence in Hawaii, although it is probable that all
the islands of Hawaii have been hit by a hurricane in the past.

The largest city and capital, Honolulu, was the one chosen by
King Kamehameha III as the capital of his kingdom because of the natural
harbor there, the present-day Honolulu Harbor.

The State of Hawaii has two official languages recognized in its
constitution adopted at the 1978 constitutional convention: English and Hawaiian.

Hawaii Gay Issues:

Gay Marriage
1998 - Anti-same-sex marriage statute passed by state legislature prohibiting
same-sex couples from marrying.
1998 - Anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendment giving the legislature the
power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples

Domestic Violence
Has domestic violence laws that are gender neutral and include
household members and dating partners.

Sodomy Laws
Has no sodomy laws.

Second-Parent Adoption For Gays And Lesbians
Trial courts have granted second-parent adoptions

Sexually Oriented Hate Crimes
Has hate crime laws that do not include crimes based in
sexual orientation or gender identity

Some Hawaii Cities and Islands:
Big Island - Honolulu - Kauai - Kona - Kohala - Lahaina - Maui
Molokai - Oahu - Ocean View - Wakiki

Poipu Beach Kauai




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