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On this page you will find Illinois gay and lesbian support organizations,
Illinois gay and lesbian clubs, Illinois gay and lesbian events,
Illinois gay and lesbian counseling, Illinois gay and lesbian clergy,
Illinois gay and lesbian groups and other related information.


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The Campaign to End Homophobia
- provides resource referrals, publishes and distributes educational materials, and works to end homophobia and
  heterosexism through education in a multicultural context.

Gay Rights Advocates Providing Education Via Illinois Networking
- organization that promotes equal treatment of g/l/b/t individuals in the Illinois educational institutions.

Lesbian Community Cancer Project
- provides support, information, education, advocacy, and direct services to lesbian and non-lesbian women
  with a focus on cancer related issues.

Oak Park Area Lesbian and Gay Association
- OPALGA´s mission is to improve the quality of life & empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered residents
  through communications, education, participation, celebration and understanding.

Out At Work (or Not)
- organization that provides networking, resources, and support groups for lesbian, gay and bisexuals who either
  are out at work or in the closet.

PFLAG West Suburban Chicago

Tri-State Alliance
- sociopolitical organization for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals.

West Surburban Gay Association
- serves northwest Cook County and DuPage County.

Asians and Friends Chicago

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