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Maine is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.
It is the northernmost portion of both New England and the eastern United States. The
state is known for the scenery of its jagged, mostly rocky coastline and the low,
rolling mountains and heavily forested terrain of its interior; as well as for its
seafood cuisine, particularly lobsters and clams.

Maine is known for its dramatic ocean scenery. West Quoddy Head is
the easternmost piece of land in the 48 United States. Along the famous
rock-bound coast of Maine are lighthouses, sandy beaches, quiet fishing villages
and thousands of offshore islands, including the Isles of Shoals, which straddle
the New Hampshire border. Jagged rocks and cliffs and thousands of bays
and inlets add to the rugged beauty of Maine's coast. Just inland, by contrast,
is the view of lakes, rivers, forests and mountains.

Maine is the number one exporter of blueberries and toothpicks. A citizen
of Maine is known as a "Mainer," though the term "Down Easter" may be
applied to residents of the northeast coast of the state.

The state of Maine has two major airports with scheduled commercial jet service:
the Portland International Jetport and Bangor International Airport.

Maine Gay Issues:

Gay Marriage
State law prohibits same-sex marriage
State offers registry of domestic partnerships.

Domestic Violence
Has domestic violence laws that are gender neutral
but apply to only household members

Sodomy Laws
Has no sodomy laws.

Second-Parent Adoption For Gays And Lesbians
Trial courts have granted second-parent adoptions

Sexually Oriented Hate Crimes
Has hate crime laws that include crimes based in
sexual orientation or gender identity

State Nondiscrimination Laws
2001 - Laws banning discrimination based on sexual
orientation and gender identity

Some Maine Cities:
Augusta - Bangor - Bar Harbor - Bath - Belfast - Brunswick - Eastport
Farmington - Kennebunk - Kennebunkport - Portland - Searsport - Skowhegan
Westbrook - Wilton - Yarmouth - York Harbor

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