Stonewall June 27, 1969
by Al-Antony Moody

It was now time for the chosen

Glass smashed
Bottles were hurled
I kissed your tender lips
And ran past a catcalling transsexual

The riot howled
"Stonewall revolution was NOW!"

"No more would we be intimidated by the police raids."
"Our lifestyle was here to stay!"

Uprooted parking meters that were used as battering rams
We weren't using handbags
Or pink handkerchiefs

A spark was lit
A roaring fire came from the Stonewall Inn
It swept through the oppressive streets
And poured furiously onto Greenwich Village

Gay Militants
Lesbians United
Central Park was push started
And a movement ignited

Sheridan Square tasted my blood
Police were trapped in a burning gay bar

History for our brothers and sisters had now been made
4 nights the battle for equality raged
The New York city press reported it as the "Melee"...
I saw it as just the beginning

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