Gay and Lesbian North Dakota


North Dakota is a Midwestern state. Agriculture has long dominated the economy
and culture of North Dakota. The state capital is Bismarck and the largest city in the
state is Fargo. Large public universities are located at Grand Forks and Fargo. The
United States Air Force operates bases at both Minot and Grand Forks.

The climate of North Dakota can range from sweltering heat and humidity in the
summers to bitter cold in the winters.

North Dakota Gay Issues:

Gay Marriage
2004 - Anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendment banned marriage
and other forms of partnership recognition for same-sex couples.
1997 - Anti-same-sex marriage statute banned marriage for same-sex couples.

Domestic Violence
Has domestic violence laws that are gender neutral and
include household members and dating partners.

Sodomy Laws
Has no sodomy laws.

Anti-Gay Parenting
Laws Restricting adoptions and foster care placement.
Allows adoption agencies to discriminate against prospective
gay parents and others based on religious objection.

Second-Parent Adoption For Gays And Lesbians
It is unclear whether thet state adoption law permits second-parent adoptions..

Sexually Oriented Hate Crimes
Has hate crime laws that do not include crimes based in
sexual orientation or gender identity.

Some North Dakota Cities:
Bismarck - Burlington - Cooperstown - Elgin - Fargo - Fort Ransom
Garrison - Grand Forks - Jamestown - Langdon - Lisbon - Marion
Mercer - New Rockford - New Salem - Tower City - Walhalla
Washburn - West Fargo - Williston

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