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New York is the third most populous state of the United States.
The state is best known for it's urban atmosphere, especially Manhattan's skyscrapers,
but most of the state is dominated by farms, forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes.
Adirondack State Park is the largest U.S. National Park outside of Alaska. Niagara Falls,
on the Niagara River as it flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, is a popular honeymoon
attraction and vacation spot. The bulk of New York's population lives within two hours
of New York City.

New York City dominates the economy of the state. It is the leading center of banking,
finance and communication in the United States and is the location of the New York Stock
on Wall Street in Manhattan. Many of the world's largest corporations locate
their home offices in Manhattan.

New York State is an agricultural leader, ranking within the top five states for
agricultural products that include dairy, apples, cherries, cabbages, potatoes, onions,
and maple syrup and is the nation's third-largest grape-producing state.

The largest city in the state and the most populous city in the United States is
New York City, which is comprised of five counties, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens,
Brooklyn, and Staten Island
. Buffalo is the second largest city in the state. Albany
is the state capital.

New York Gay Issues:

Gay Marriage
Same-sex marriage case is pending.

Domestic Violence
Has domestic violence laws that explicitly exclude
same-sex survivors
of domestic violence

Sodomy Laws
Has no sodomy laws.

Second-Parent Adoption For Gays And Lesbians
Appellate courts have ruled that the state
adoption law permits second-parent adoption

Sexually Oriented Hate Crimes
Has hate crime laws that include crimes based in
sexual orientation.

State Nondiscrimination Laws
2002 - Laws banning discrimination based on sexual

Some New York Cities:
Albany - Amherst - Auburn - Buffalo - Catskill - Cheektowaga - Clinton
Cooperstown - Danby - East Hampton - Fair Haven - Fire Island - Freeport
Geneva - Irvington - Ithaca - Lake George - Lake Placid - Lansing - Long Beach
Long Island - Mohawk Valley - New Rochelle - New York - Niagara Falls
Nyack - Oneida - Ossining - Oswego - Oyster Bay - Port Jefferson - Portland
Potsdam - Poughkeepsie - Rochester - Sag Harbor - Saratoga Springs - Sennett
Sleepy Hollow - Bethlehem - Southampton - Syracuse - Tarrytown - Tonawanda
Utica - Westfield - White Plains - Woodbury - Woodstock - Yonkers - Yorktown

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