The Country Dance
Robin Harbin

There he stood within this mighty light,
His hand reaching out to mine.
He asked me if I wanted to dance?
I said sure, that would be just fine.

Now the room it kind of got quiet
And some people had started to pray,
"Oh lord do you know who your dealing with?"
Was the last thing I heard anyone say

But God he was not fazed at all,
By the request they shouted out.
He motioned to the maestro,
For the band to play out loud.

He gently took my spirit
As we stepped out on the stars,
Just a father and his daughter,
Enjoying the music of the heart.

Well he..... Two stepped me right across Heaven,
We were dancing on every cloud.
While the angels sang out a melody
He would twirl me around and around.

We would glide together in rhythm
of his masterful beauty and grace.
And for the times that I fell out of step
He'd use wisdom to adjust my pace.

Now, he had... Visions for his lovely daughter,
As he strolled her across the night sky.
There are many things in life for you,
Please don't ever be afraid to just try.

My children, when they come to me,
They have never had the chance.
So would you please, go teach for me,
The Love....of the Dance!

OK.. I'm gonna .....Two step you right across Heaven
Or doe cee doe on any cloud.
When the music is transformed by the melody
I'm gonna swing you around and around.

We're gonna dance together forgiven
In the love of his creative ways.
Because you know that He must be living,
In the Dance, that He danced with you, today.

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