The Emotion Tree
Robin Harbin

Are you Sick and Tired of Dealing with your Behavior?
Do you Feel Chained to that Emotional Garbage Bag?
You want Relief Now?
Well then, you need to Come On Down and See Us Here at
The Emotion Tree
Where you will Find a Large Selection of
Emotions ready for you to Take Home Today plus,
The Financing is Free! How does it work you ask?
Simply bring in your Experience or Attitudes to one of our
Qualified Emotion Explanation Experts.
They will Gladly Assist you in picking the
Very Best Emotion Possible for Any and Every Experience
you might be Suffering from.
But Wait! There is more, Tell them Johnny!

Thank you and Yes there is Much More.
Some of our Lucky Customers will have a Chance to
Take Home a Beautiful Brand New Resolution or Solution.
You won't want to miss out on our Large Inventory of
Actions and Reactions just Waiting to be Used or Considered
when Determining your Demeanor of the Day!

The Selection is going Fast!
But Don't take my Word for it,
Grab the Wife and Kiddies and Get on Down Here to:
The Emotion Tree
1010 Relief Road
Feelingoodin, Life 12345-6789

We Never Close!
Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
Located Right off the Painful Freeway
Next to the Famous, Free Your Soul Mart!

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