The Smile Poem
Robin Harbin

There's a Red Sock feeling Blue in my Top Drawer
Since the Dryer stole his Sweetie away.
I gotta Bad Bra, Says it's too Small, to Protect me,
I wish my Laundry would all go away.

I've gotta Old Shoe, Its Mate is Gone too.
Now what am I gonna do, With only one shoe?
It's just a Loafer, There is No Penny,
Whelp I guess that's, Gotta go too!

I found my favorite hat, Just imagine that,
Hiding in the corner.
But when I put it on, My coat said it Looked Wrong,
So I had to Find another.

My Jeans are very tight, they Refuse to Give,
They are just Selfish little Varmints.
But I don't even care, I found a Smile to Wear,
Now I've gotta Face the Garbage.

NOTE: This has been a smile poem. If you are smiling then it worked!

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