Touch yourself (As if)

Touch yourself...
touch it as if...
as if the moon and stars collided in a fantastic fireworks display for your insides only

as if ...the most exhilerating part of your self...expression is between your thighs
as if your fingers where my eyes...

touch it as if it were my warm hands gliding down your cool flesh removing your inhibitions one stitch at a time and dropping it delicately to the floor...
imagine my caring caress on your cheek, my breath on your neck, my kiss on secret place that...shhh! only I know

as if I was kissing your soul and the explosion flooded the nile

as if ...I were licking your wounds, weary from battle drenched in perspiration and drowned in forgiveness and tears

as if...your dreams included mystical figures that assumed positions reminiscent of tribal war rituals and danced around our room for your pleasure alone

as if our brothers and sisters that hung from southern trees could feel the love from your blood drenched tears and it would take away there pain

as if this planet were our private playground and making love on Venus was as common as our bedroom

as if the places u call home only existed in my heart and your only safe, quiet place was in my arms if "erotic" weren't nearly as intense a word to describe these acts but merely as common a descriptive as "kiss" or "touch"

as if the moans would alert the universe of our existence and the eruption of your passion would render Mt. St. Helen powerless

as if we were one day short of our forever and tomorrow did not exist for us and yesterday faded with our last nights moon

as if we were destined to never meet but live with the feeling of slipping time and memories of what never existed except here in our minds

touch it...
as if those fantasies collided and our dreams floated to the ceiling and danced to the sound of the rhythm that we alone have created

as if I were laying near and my touch melted your heart and my kiss warmed your soul

as if time were a mere technicality that existed only for our amusement

touch it as if...
as if...
I loved u forever and infinity was too short a descriptive for what we would face together

as if your forever begins with the first touch

touch yourself as if...
as if u could see the love I feel for u as clear as the stars in the shy and never had to question my commitment to us

touch yourself as if...u were touching me.

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